Lab-grown diamonds vs real diamonds

Authenticity of Diamonds

Aside from being the most precious and expensive stone, diamonds are also infamous for its durable and lasting characteristics. It is also versatile and incomparably gorgeous. The authenticity of real diamonds are not measured by the fact that it is real or lab-grown. Both of where diamonds are cultivated or sourced from, its chemical and properties still count it as natural diamonds. Both origins of diamonds are relevantly perfect for buying for personal use or for gifts, more especially when you buy engagement ring.

lab grown diamond and real diamond compared

Keep in mind that it is important to be meticulous and curious on how to buy diamond online, and that there are two main classes which are lab-grown and naturally-mined diamonds. What you need to look for when you shop for diamond online are its cut, color, clarity, and carat. When considering to shop for diamond online, you must know how to buy diamond online by getting to some knowledge about the types of cut, carats, or if you would still prefer natural diamonds over lab-grown diamonds.

Enhanced, lab-grown diamonds can also be cut according to the desired shapes such as cushion, radiant, pear, princess, etc. Natural diamonds may have a more sound reputation than lab-grown ones because of its genuineness. However, lab-grown diamonds can be much fancier as some of it are created by high pressured minerals to come up with different colors and shades aside from the conventional clear naturally-mined diamonds. naturally-mined diamonds also come in other colors but are less saturated making it look authentically natural than lab-grown. When you shop for diamond online, you can identify whether it is lab-grown or natural by looking at the lucidity of the transparency if there are pinpoints, feathering, and clouding, and the spots present in the stone. It can be done by closely looking at the photo displays, but you should ask for the diamond certification.    An oval cut diamond on a black surface

Normally, lab-grown diamonds are priced 30 percent less than natural ones. But if you truly consider the natural authenticity and genuineness, buy an engagement ring that has the simplest cut yet most elegant-looking one for your loved one! Both stone types are still much precious, if you are trying to shop for diamonds online just for looking glamorous or stylish to match your outfits, you can opt for the colored lab-grown diamonds. The difference between real and synthetic diamonds are completely unidentifiable whether you shop for diamond online or on-site!

Note that the cuts of the real diamonds against the lab-created diamonds may look different. But both equally look elegant and refined, the way it shine and sparkle is both equal. Only that, it is natural that the reflections and refractions make it look different. Some cuts of the natural diamonds may look finer, while the edges of the lab-created diamonds would look sharper and crisp. But don’t panic! Lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds still give the exquisite opulence that you need! The only thing you should know is that all of the two diamonds’ origins are made of crystallized carbon structures. Thus, you must ask the seller about the weight and mineral contents of the particular lab-grown diamonds you are eyeing.